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Use your phones camera to take a picture of the item or choose a picture from your library. Remember that a picture is worth a thousands words!


Be descriptive and keep it short. Give the item a title, a short description, its location, select a category and set your price.


😻 SHARE it

Maximise the exposure of the item you are selling by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. Your friends will help spread the word by re-sharing your items to their social networks.

💰 SOLD it

Get notified as soon as it sells, mark as sent and sell again. You can also use the app to manage your sales. It will keep track of items you are currently selling plus items sold in the past.

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🤔 How does it work

SELLit is a free and simple app to help you list and sell stuff on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There's nothing to download and it works on your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

How do I sell stuff?

Just 3 easy steps to sell anything you own...

1. Login using your Facebook or email, then hit a big green 'sell a new item' button, follow the instructions and within a minute you will have an item listed on SELLit.

2. The item is live on the SELLit marketplace so now you need to share it on your social networks by tapping the big Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Email share buttons.

3. Once live people can view in the SELLit marketplace and on your social networks, from there they can ask questions and contact you to buy and once you sell an item, mark it sold within the app and we'll take it offline.

Is it really FREE?

Yes. There will never be a charge to download, use the app or to list items for sale. It will always be free and that’s a promise.

Are there any limits?

No. You can list as many items for sale as you want.

Can I sell anything?

Pretty much! If you own it and it's yours to sell then you can sell it. We will block and remove any rude or illegal items. Our aim is to create a safe and trusted tool to assist you in selling items. If you see anything inappropriate just hit the report button on each product page.

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