BRAND: SEA SOUND TPYE :MIDI INTERFACE MIC/LINE INPUT: MIC/PREAMP TRS 1/4” This it a great master unit, looks like box new. This unit was used in my studio for 3 weeks and when I updated it was carefully packed still looks brand new no scratches, looks like box new. Sea Sound Solo EX. Hard disk recording interface, mic preamps, headphone amp, MIDI interface, mixer all in one! Hard to believe, but it's true! The Solo Digital Audio Recording System provides a variety of common functions required by today's digital-audio musician: pre-amplification for microphones and low-level instruments (such as guitar, bass, etc.), line-level input controls, input mixing, monitoring, complete compatibility with popular recording and editing software and 24-bit / 96kHz conversion of audio signals to / from the digital domain. Solo features two high quality, custom mic preamps (with a full 65db of gain control), S/PDIF In and Out, two high-Z instrument preamps, sample rates of 8kHz right out to 96kHz at 24-bit resolution, channel inserts, ASIO, Sound Manager and WAVE drivers, a built-in mixer, MIDI In, Out and Thru, signal activity clip indicators for recording or playback, with both peak average and peak hold display modes, footswitch transport control interface and two headphone amps. The Sea Sound Solo EX is fully Mac or PC compatible via the supplied PCI card.

This item was added on 28/04/2015 to the Music category and is located at WESTBURY NY 11590 (see below)

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